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Instinct is a professional Halo Reach team that competes on the Major League Gaming Pro Circuit. Currently, the team is comprised of OGRE 2, Pistola, and twins Lunchbox and Roy.

Total Winnings in Halo 3: $210,000


Current Roster

Jason Brown - Lunchbox Justin Brown - Roy Justin Deese - Pistola Tom Ryan - Ogre 2 History

The 2008 Season ended in heartbreak for Instinct after losing in the National Championship Finals to Str8 Rippin. The lineup consisting of Walshy, Roy, Lunchbox, and Soviet had risen to the Finals in Las Vegas and walked away with a second place finish. While they weren't the best team on the circuit and ended the year without a championship, Instinct was definitely a contender as the 2008 Season came to a close.

The 2009 Season opener in the Meadowlands brought a new squad together under the name Instinct, as the team swapped out Soviet for Neighbor. Whether or not two former FB members would secure Instinct’s place near the top was at the forefront of many spectators and players’ minds alike, and they answered that question with a very resounding yes. Instinct breezed through the Winners Bracket with 3-1 victories in every single round, which included knocking off a streaking hot Believe The Hype squad, who outplayed Str8 Rippin and Triggers Down on their way. Instinct also secured a win over Final Boss, serving as vindication for Walshy and Neighbor. Instinct looked poised to walk away with their first ever championship as the sun began to set on the Meadowlands. However, approaching from the other side of the bracket was Triggers Down. They ate through the Losers Bracket all the way to the Championship Finals, where they trumped a stunned Instinct team.

“Getting to the Finals in the Winners Bracket [and then] losing in the Finals[at Meadowlands],” says Roy, naming his worst moment of the season. “We made it through the Winners Bracket but ended up losing, so it was bittersweet,” seconds his brother and teammate Lunchbox. Beginning 2009 in second place was both disappointing and rewarding. The team went home having proven themselves as a league power, but the rise of TD moved Instinct down to the third seed overall. When they returned to the stage in Columbus, they had another strong open to the tournament, sweeping End Result and losing only one game to Believe The Hype to put two series under their belt. When they finally found themselves in a repeat of last year’s Finals with Str8 Rippin, they again fell short and into the Losers Bracket. Perhaps even more disappointing than the loss to Str8 was the loss to Classic in the Losers Bracket that eliminated Instinct from the competition in swift fashion.

Clearly looking to reverse this slip, the team did some shuffling for Dallas and gave up Walshy for Ghostayame. Dropping one of the league's most prolific players certainly drew a lot of attention, but they shut out early doubts with yet another strong start and attained revenge on Classic in a tight 3-2 series. Waiting for them on the other side, once again, were the eventual champs, Triggers Down, to hand them a 3-1 loss. Not willing to be silenced by another appearance in the Losers Bracket, Instinct topped Final Boss 3-1 and Str8 Rippin 3-2 before Carbon and ex-teammate Walshy managed a sweep on their way to the Finals match.

A third place finish might be enough for most teams, but Instinct again went back to the drawing board before Anaheim. This time, the newest addition Ghostayame made an exit, and Lunchbox and Roy reunited with former 5K teammate FearItSelf. “We just didn't feel that our team meshed with [Walshy and Ghost],” Roy said of his team’s constant rotation of players. “They're both really good guys, but I feel like we have definitely improved with Fear.” With a history of good teamwork, and a boosted attitude between friends on the team, Instinct felt sure of themselves going into Anaheim. After defeating Swagger Like Us 3-1, things took a turn for the worse as Instinct was knocked out of the Winners Bracket in another close 3-2 series against Classic. Onlookers were quick to point out that Ghostayame, dropped just prior to the event by Instinct, was on the Classic squad behind the upset. In the Losers Bracket, Instinct fell short again. They swept The Influence, but suffered another upset at the hands of Believe The Hype in a crushing 5-6 series. With the loss, Instinct ended the competition in seventh place, their lowest finish of the season.

If their demeanor is any indication, Instinct may just be the most relaxed team inside the Top 8 heading to Orlando. Even following a sub-par performance at Anaheim, their goal as a team, according to FearItSelf, is to "walk away the champions." They've scheduled a LAN with TD and SQ, and have pinpointed gametypes like Construct TS where they are statistically weaker. “There are no teams I feel weak against; we just have to play our game. It all comes down to how we play as a team,” explains Neighbor.

Instinct placed 4th at the Orlando National Championships, which was definitely an improvement over their performance in Anaheim. They played well throughout the tournament and were responsible for sending the top seeded team Triggers Down home by defeating them in the loser's bracket.

Former Players

  • Makeo
  • Victory X
  • Snipedown
  • Soviet
  • Walshy
  • Neighbor
  • FearItSelf



Prior to Meadowlands '08

  • Instinct formed with Mackeo, Victory X, Lunchbox and Roy

Prior to San Diego '08

  • Victory X leaves for Triggers Down
  • Snipedown added from Ambush

Prior to Orlando '08

  • Snipedown dismissed
  • Victory X added from Triggers Down

Prior to Toronto '08

  • Mackeo leaves for Triggers Down
  • Victory X dismissed
  • Soviet added from Chilled Reality
  • Walshy added, free agent after being dismissed from Final Boss

Prior to Meadowlands '09

  • Soviet dropped and Neighbor picked up

Prior to Dallas '09

  • Walshy dropped and Ghostayame picked up

Prior to Anaheim '09

  • Ghostayame dropped and FearItSelf picked up

Prior to Orlando '10

  • Neighbor dropped and Cloud picked up
  • FearItSelf dropped and Elamite Warrior picked up


Year Competition Roster Standing Winnings 2008 MLG Meadowlands Lunchbox, Roy, Mackeo, Victory X 3rd $8,000 2008 MLG San Diego Lunchbox, Roy, Mackeo, Snipedown 2nd $12,000 2008 MLG Orlando Lunchbox, Roy, Mackeo, Victory X 3rd $8,000 2008 MLG Toronto Lunchbox, Roy, Soviet, Walshy 2nd $12,000 2008 MLG Dallas Lunchbox, Roy, Soviet, Walshy 5th $4,000 2008 MLG Las Vegas Lunchbox, Roy, Soviet, Walshy 2nd $60,000 2009 MLG Meadowlands Lunchbox, Roy, Walshy, Neighbor 2nd $12,000 2009 MLG Columbus Lunchbox, Roy, Walshy, Neighbor 5th $4,000 2009 MLG Dallas Lunchbox, Roy, Neighbor, Ghostayame 3rd $8,000 2009 MLG Anaheim Lunchbox, Roy, Neighbor, FearItSelf 7th $2,000 2009 MLG Orlando Lunchbox, Roy, Neighbor, FearItSelf 4th $28,000 2010 MLG Orlando Lunchbox, Roy, Cloud, Elamite Warrior 1st $20,000 2010 MLG Columbus Lunchbox, Roy, Cloud, Elamite Warrior 1st $20,000 2009 MLG Raleigh Lunchbox, Roy, Cloud, Elamite Warrior 2nd $12,000

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