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Carbon is a professional Major League Gaming (MLG) Halo 3 team. The team was formed at the MLG event in Orlando 2006 founded by Shockwav3, Karma, Strongside, and Gandhi. Before that, Carbon members competed at MLG events for other teams, such as iGamespot (IGS) Monglers and Phreaks. At Orlando 2006, they ended Final Boss's 8-game winning streak that dated back to MLG's 2005 season. Carbon beat Boss at the final three events of the season: Orlando, the New York City Playoffs and the MLG National Championships in Las Vegas. At the National Championships, Carbon finished first and won $100,000 as a team. Carbon has a strong rivalry with MLG teams Final Boss and Str8 Rippin. On December 18, 2006, the MLG signed Carbon to a 3-year, million dollar deal. USA Network scheduled an MLG show to broadcast weekly that features Carbon every week from November to December 2006.

Carbon placed sixth at MLG Meadowlands in the first event of the 2008 Halo 3 Pro Circuit. Carbon was able to defeat Str8 Rippin 3-2 deep in the winners' bracket, but ultimately fell to Team Triggers Down. In the consolation game for fifth and sixth place, Carbon was defeated by Str8 Rippin, leaving Carbon with $2,800 in prize money for the event. Inspired by a sixth place finish, the team hoped to do better in MLG San Diego, and did so, coming fourth. They then came a disappointing seventh for the next two events, at Toronto and Dallas, slipping a place in overall team standings to seventh after Ambush. Nevertheless, at the MLG National Championships in Las Vegas, Carbon took an impressive third place, their highest finish all season, defeating in the process 2nd seeded team Triggers Down and 3rd seeded team Final Boss.

Opening the 2009 season of the Major League Gaming pro circuit in Meadowlands, Carbon acquired KGB Soviet, 2007 1v1 Champion and he also used to be on Instinct that placed 2nd at nationals. They placed eighth. Following the disappointing placing, Defy was acquired for Soviet. They once again, placed eighth. Enough was enough for GH057ayame as he left the team to join Instinct and once that happened, Cpt Anarchy was released. Leaving Shockwave and Defy a team of two, they acquired Naded and Walshy. Carbon would shock everyone at Dallas as they would 3-0 Str8 Rippin and defeat many other teams in similar fashion except for Triggers Down. Carbon would come second in Dallas and 3rd in the next two events which marked the first time Walshy wasn't in the National Championship Finals.

Total Winnings in Halo 3: $117,600


Current Roster


Although Carbon stands as one of the most storied franchises in Major League Gaming history, their start to the 2009 campaign hardly lived up to the team's proud history. The opening two events of the season brought little beyond disappointment, as Carbon sunk to consecutive franchise low performances, taking 8th place in both the Meadowlands and Columbus. Fans found it difficult to pinpoint the source of Carbon's struggles, as talent was in no short supply; things just weren't clicking. Carbon's lineup was a revolving door of some of the Pro Circuit's most prolific veteran players, and by the season's third event, only Shockwave remained from the team's season opening roster. Cpt Anarchy, Ghostayame and Soviet were now counted among the ranks of former Carbon players.

While Carbon stood at a low point in its history, so too did the new players joining the squad. Defy joined from a less than impressive VG The New Order, Naded had just suffered a career low placing with the failed Golden Ticket experiment, and Walshy, once proud captain of three-time National Champions Final Boss, had been dropped from Instinct and was blamed by many for Instinct's inability to bring home first place. Entering Dallas, Carbon appeared to be little more than a home for falling Pro Circuit stars. Its new players were all struggling to find success, and the team itself was definitely slumping. With a particularly bleak outlook entering Dallas, few would have pegged then 8th seeded Carbon to be a contender for the remainder of the 2009 Season.

But charge they did, as the newly minted Carbon squad unleashed a dramatic series of statement performances in Dallas. Carbon swept aside Final Boss with a 3 - 1 series win, then proceeded to shock the entire tournament scene by sweeping reigning champions and top seeded giants Str8 Rippin. The emphatic upset ended Carbon's four match losing skid against Str8 Rippin, and cemented an unexpected Winners Bracket Finals encounter with Triggers Down. There, Carbon fell a single game short of sending TD to the Losers Bracket. In the Losers Bracket Finals, Carbon's tour de force continued when they faced Instinct. For the second time in his career, Walshy faced off against a team that had just dropped him, and for a second time he emerged victorious. But this was not just any victory; Carbon sent Instinct home with a 3 - 0 rout. In doing so, Carbon had knocked off the 1st, 3rd, and 4th seeded teams by a combined tally of 9 games to 1. In the Finals against Triggers Down, Carbon fought to a 4 - 6 finish, only two games away from taking the tournament.

The 2009 Pro Circuit's 4th stop in Anaheim was home to another strong showing for Carbon, but one that ultimately failed to match the high of their opening tournament success. The team ran into a re-energized and revengeful Str8 Rippin, who defeated Carbon in Winners Bracket Round 2 and the Losers Bracket Finals. Carbon's otherwise perfect Anaheim Team Slayer record was blemished by two lopsided 29 - 50 Slayer losses against Str8 Rippin. Walshy couldn't quite put his finger on why Carbon didn't reach Dallas' level of performance in Anaheim. Perhaps they had grown too comfortable. "When [you're] just starting off with a lineup, you don't go in assuming too many things. But after teaming for a while, you start to understand your teammates better and when they do something you don't expect it can throw off things."

Carbon is certainly a team of many strengths. They sit atop the 2009 Team Slayer leaderboards, are overflowing with veteran talent, and possess players who have captained 4 of MLG's 5 National Championship squads. While this strong array of assets has enabled Carbon to effortlessly dispatch most of the Pro Circuit competition, they have struggled against Triggers Down and Str8 Rippin. In fact, this season, Carbon are 15 - 1 in matches against teams seeded 3rd and lower, but only 1 - 7 against Str8 Rippin and Triggers Down. Always lighthearted, Walshy responded with a positive frame of mind: "Going by those stats, we're just going to spend the next month convincing ourselves that Str8 and TD are seeded 3rd or lower."

However, as Dallas' resounding victory against Str8 Rippin and close 4 - 6 match against TD have shown, Carbon are on the very brink of being a title-winning caliber team.

Following in last year's fashion, Carbon ended up placing third at the 2009 Orlando National Championships. However, this year's placing didn't seem as surprising as last year since this year they were actually placing in the Top 4 for the majority of the season.




Year Competition Roster Standing Winnings 2007 MLG Charlotte Ghostayame, Shockwave, Gandhi, Karma 2nd $12,000 2007 MLG Meadowlands Ghostayame, Shockwave, Gandhi, Karma 2nd $12,000 2007 MLG Dallas Ghostayame, Shockwave, Gandhi, Karma 1st $20,000 2007 MLG Chicago Ghostayame, Shockwave, Gandhi, Karma 4th $5,600 2007 MLG Orlando Ghostayame, Shockwave, Gandhi, Karma 4th $5,600 2007 MLG Las Vegas Ghostayame, Shockwave, Gandhi, Karma 2nd $60,000 2008 MLG Meadowlands Ghostayame, Shockwave, Gandhi, Karma 6th $2,800 2008 MLG San Diego Ghostayame, Shockwave, Gandhi, Karma 4th $5,600 2008 MLG Orlando Ghostayame, Shockwave, Cpt. Anarchy, Karma 7th $2,000 2008 MLG Toronto Ghostayame, Shockwave, Cpt. Anarchy, Karma 7th $2,000 2008 MLG Dallas Ghostayame, Shockwave, Cpt. Anarchy, Naded 7th $2,000 2008 MLG Las Vegas Ghostayame, Shockwave, Cpt. Anarchy, Naded 3rd $40,000 2009 MLG Meadowlands Ghostayame, Shockwave, Soviet, Cpt. Anarchy 8th $1,600 2009 MLG Columbus Ghostayame, Shockwave, Defy, Cpt. Anarchy 8th $1,600 2009 MLG Dallas Shockwave, Naded, Walshy, Defy 2nd $12,000 2009 MLG Anaheim Shockwave, Naded, Walshy, Defy 3rd $8,000 2009 MLG Orlando Shockwave, Naded, Walshy, Defy 3rd $40,000 2010 MLG Orlando StrongSide, Best Man, Walshy, Defy 11th

2010 MLG Columbus Naded, Best Man, Walshy, Defy 6th $2,800 2010 MLG Raleigh

Year Competition Location Standings 2006 Major League Gaming Las Vegas, Nevada Championships First 2006 Major League Gaming New York City First 2006 Major League Gaming Orlando, Florida First 2006 Major League Gaming Chicago, Illinois Third 2006 Major League Gaming Anaheim, California Second 2006 Major League Gaming Dallas, Texas Third 2006 Major League Gaming New York City, New York Third 2005 Major League Gaming New York City, New York Championships Second 2005 Major League Gaming Chicago, Illinois Fourth 2005 Major League Gaming Seattle, Washington First 2005 Major League Gaming Nashville, Tennessee First 2005 Major League Gaming Las Vegas, Nevada Second 2005 Major League Gaming St. Louis, Missouri Second 2005 Major League Gaming Orlando, Florida Second

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